Project Details

Leigh Road

Project Description

The proposal is for the demolition of the stud, stables and dog breeding kennels and the erection of a replacement dwelling, with associated stables to the rear. Specifically the proposal comprises:

A 722m2 house, comprising a basement swimming pool, Jacuzzi & Gym , ground floor including lunge, dining and kitchen areas, first floor accommodating 6 bedrooms, etc.  and a 160m2 stable block.

The proposal is for an inverted L shaped dwelling comprising a North and East Block connected by a glazed link. The layout seeks to ensure that disposition of the internal uses provide an appropriate response to the orientation of the sun and the north aspect of the garden and grazing land.

The removal of the large stud and kennel building complex on land to the rear of number 278 and the subsequent restoration of this land for grazing, together with the inconspicuous design of the replacement dwelling and associated buildings will have a significant positive impact/benefit on the openness of the Green Belt